Our strategic partnership empowers us to create unparalleled products and services, leveraging the expertise of our esteemed technical partners, which include the following companies: 

Together, we combine our strengths, knowledge, and resources to deliver cutting-edge solutions that set new standards in the industry. This collaboration fuels innovation and ensures our customers receive the utmost value and quality in everything we offer.

Limitless Possibilities With CSR/ESG as a Service Subscription Model


E.HER is our non-profit initiative, offering a CSR/ESG as a Service Subscription Model, which combines ESG and CSR principles with a strong emphasis on the social component. PEX Intelligence serves as the Strategic Service Delivery Partner for all E.HER initiatives and programmes.

We establish Education Games Clubs in crisis areas, including refugee, migrant, and internally displaced settlements during humanitarian crises, to empower underprivileged girls aged 6 to 18. We focus on cognitive development, STEM literacy, and digital skills using engaging resources such as digital and traditional puzzles, Lego, Keva planks, K’nexs, SNAP kits, and more. Additionally, we provide basic resources to support children with autism, visual and hearing impairments, ensuring inclusivity. Additionally, we incorporate “Climate Change and Environmental Awareness” into our Games Club activities, utilizing art, digital puzzles, and traditional puzzles as educational tools.

Our model streamlines corporate access to these initiatives through subscription-based solutions and offers “franchise” options to vetted charitable organizations or groups in countries where we do not have a direct presence.

What makes us different? We are changemakers driving girl empowerment guided by purpose and focus on what really matters. In addition to this we have ready-made initiatives, projects and programmes.


Softengi: Accelerating AI-Powered Analytics


Softengi, our strategic partner, enhances our capability in developing AI, IoT, XR, and web-based Environmental, Health, and Safety solutions for high-risk industries like mining, oil and gas, and construction. Our focus on digital trends leads to advanced solutions that protect workers in challenging environments, ensure regulatory compliance, manage emergencies, and promote workplace safety. Our predictive models, built on these innovative technologies, optimize production processes and mitigate risks. This approach boosts business strategy effectiveness, offering accurate predictions, resource efficiency, comprehensive data monitoring, and prompt optimization for long-term, personalized outcomes. Together, we and Softengi unlock the potential of AI-powered analytics for our clients’ success.

Octopus: Illuminating Business Intelligence


In collaboration with Octopus, we gain access to bespoke people-powered competitive intelligence, market intelligence, strategic intelligence, and corporate investigations. Octopus stands out with its unique approach, seeing each project as different and tailoring their service capabilities precisely to suit the mission at hand. They are distinctive, refreshing, creative, innovative, and approachable, delivering insights that truly matter.

Their people-powered approach  helps sets us apart, Octopus combines technology and software services with a keen human touch, ensuring that no valuable insights are overlooked or overshadowed. We gain the advantage of their insightful methodology, which allows us to expand the scope of Competitive Intelligence. By internally examining assets, with a specific focus on people, we ensure everything is well-defined, understood, and clear to everyone involved at the beginning of each project. Their dedication to understanding the unique needs of each endeavour enables us to craft tailored solutions that deliver real value and impactful outcomes.

DEI Leadership Institute

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with DEI Leadership Institute. Together, we are Empowering Change Agents, advancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion across the UK, Sub-Saharan Africa, and North Africa. Our exclusive representation amplifies DEI Practitioner Programmes and fosters impactful initiatives, including workshops, trainings, and simulations, along with the Online DEI Leadership Institute Annual Conference. Together, we are spreading the transformative power of diversity and inclusion, reaching regions where the mission of the DEI Leadership Institute is to develop and support leaders who have the skills, knowledge, and heart to be effective agents of change for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Collaborative Success, Redefining Possibilities


PEX Intelligence takes immense pride in our strategic partnerships. Through these collaborations, we empower businesses with transformative AI-powered analytics and illuminating business intelligence. Our combined strengths allow us to create unparalleled products and services that drive innovation and set new industry standards.

Together, we strive to deliver solutions that make a meaningful impact, helping businesses thrive in an ever-evolving landscape. By combining cutting-edge technologies with human-centric approaches, we redefine what’s possible and inspire positive change for our customers and partners alike.