Our Solutions

PEX Consulting  Niche Services:

Innovative DEI-integrated Business Resilience and Crisis Management.
Integrating Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) into Emergency Response, Business Continuity, and Disaster Recovery plans
Strategic Mergers & Acquisitions with Global and Local Employee Experience expertise.
DEI as a flexible subscription service for our African clients, providing expert consulting, training, and policy development.

New Flagship DR Product:

ComShieldX by PEX Intelligence prioritizes equity and empathy by co-creating location-specific disaster recovery plans that address diverse staff needs, ensuring equal safety measures for all employees, whether local or global expatriates and executives.

ResilienceCare by PEX exemplifies our consulting-driven, all-encompassing service for disability-inclusion and accessibility in disaster planning, encompassing crisis management and emergency response management.

EcoHeritage by PEX focuses on Indigenous cultures, promoting cross-cultural understanding, inclusivity, and sustainable practices. This commitment extends to cultural preservation, education,  global community engagement, driven by valuable data-driven insights.

Specializing in Environmental, Health, and Safety solutions.
– Industries: Oil & Gas Offshore, Construction, Mining, Aviation.
– Utilizing AI, IoT, XR, and web technologies for worker safety, regulatory compliance, emergency management, and safety culture promotion.

  • Disruptive Competitive Employee Experience Intelligence; a forward-looking and innovative approach to managing employee experiences with the intent of gaining a competitive edge in the market
  • Compliance Assessment, Strategy and Policy Development Review

  • Development of a DEI-Centric Supply Chain Strategy.

  • Supply chain and procurement risk management

Name: Education Games Hubs: Empowering Resilience in Crisis

Focus: PEX Intelligence Ltd, in partnership with EHER Ltd, establishes Education Games Hubs in displaced communities, providing a CSR/ESG Subscription Service that emphasizes social impact. Our “ESG/CSR Ready-Made Initiatives & Programmes” offer companies turnkey solutions to bolster their social responsibility and meet ESG criteria.

Name: Sustainability Index for Employee Experience.

Focus: We assess how a company handles its interactions with employees, customers, suppliers, and communities in the context of climate change crises.

Name: Resilient Sustainability & Crisis Recovery.

Focus: We focus on integrating sustainable practices into Holistic Crisis Management and Business Resilience

            Name: Competitive Intelligence Driven ESG

            Focus: Our approach harnesses ESG data to propel sustainability objectives, ensuring data-driven ESG strategies that secure a competitive edge and industry leadership.

  • Integrated Services Programme Management
  • Human Opinion Aggregation and Analysis of Human Experiences
  • Technical and inclusive social onboarding. We bridge the gap between technical proficiency and social integration.
  • Direct Access Consulting Service – Expert advice and guidance.

Flagship Product Suite:

The HumanX Intelligence Suite delivers crucial insights for organizations, they are analytical tools designed to assist leaders in navigating a variety of organizational challenges. It strengthens asset protection focuses on human centricity and fosters sustainable, forward-thinking leadership.

HumanX Disaster Recovery Product: This service provision is to assess and co-create equity-focused Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans.

Supply Chain Risk Index & Sustainability: The suite features a comprehensive RFP risk compound index, enabling proactive handling of internal and external disruptions, with a strong focus on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI).

Human Crises Experience Index:  Sustainability Index for Employee Crises Experience

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PEX calculates the carbon footprint for all projects, including commercial and CSR-related ones, ensuring ESG compliance for organizations involved in their CSR initiatives.