Leadership Team

Our team comprises seasoned global senior professionals and practitioners, experts in Risk Management, Strategic Intelligence, Corporate Law/Mergers & Acquisitions, Human Resources, Competitive Intelligence,  Compliance, and Emerging Technologies like AI, machine learning, data engineering, and modern analytics.

Michael Christopher Rees – Chief Executive Officer

Meet Mike Rees (MSyl), our esteemed Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, a seasoned leader in Crisis Security and Intelligence with extensive international experience. With a proven track record of success in the B2B Global Security sector, Mike brings a wealth of knowledge to our team. His diverse cultural intelligence, along with years of hands-on experience, has equipped him to effectively manage and support complex operational crises in both Africa and Asia. Beyond his impressive credentials, Mike is a brilliant communicator who genuinely embodies a passion for success, making him an invaluable asset to our organization.

As a Trim Practitioner, Mike is determined to support and advise organisations, a role he has played throughout his illustrious career. His experience as a trained support worker, assisting over two hundred service families in complex operational environments, speaks volumes about his commitment to serving others. In recognition of his diligence and unwavering commitment to duty, Mike was awarded the Queen’s Commendation for valuable services.

Additionally, Mike is a trained K&R hand holder and senior Programme Director with expertise in Crisis Security Consulting and Supply Chain management. His profound understanding of the sensitivity around employee deployments and the crucial aspect of cultural awareness solidifies his capabilities as a leader.


  • Security Institute and the Security Industry Association
  • Overseas Security Advisory Council Membership

Titilayo Yusef – Executive Director & Founder


Meet Titilayo Yusef (MCIM), the Executive Director & Founder of PEX Intelligence, with nearly 30 years of experience in diverse global leadership roles. She is a Certified Business Resilience Practitioner, Sustainability Maturity Index Practitioner, Certified DE&I Master Practitioner, and Certified Employee Experience Practitioner. Titilayo is a dedicated advocate for inclusive workplaces, emphasizing disability inclusion, accessibility, and diverse perspectives. She also serves as the Principal Lead for the DEI Leadership Institute Partnership in Sub-Saharan Africa, North Africa, and the UK . Her expertise spans Business Resilience, Risk Management, Strategic Intelligence, and Operations Management.

Titilayo is a versatile advocate for social citizenship and sustainability. Her expertise in corporate finance, ESG, and sustainability empowers young minds and professionals, fostering positive change in West Africa. Her impact transcends borders, highlighting the importance of human experiences in personal and organizational success across all age groups. She serves as the Chairwoman for a non-profit organization dedicated to establishing Education Games Hubs in settlements during humanitarian crises.


  • Chartered Management Institute (CMI)
  • Women in International Security
  • DEI-Club (Diversity Equity Inclusion Club) UK Chapter
  • DEI Leadership Institute (USA)

Graeme Dixon – Non-Executive Director


Meet Graeme Dixon, a seasoned leader in Competitive Intelligence & Security Intelligence with over 30 years of experience in British military and corporate intelligence. Renowned for his unwavering commitment to making the unknown known within competitive and market intelligence, Graeme has built a formidable reputation for getting the job done.

In 2008, he founded Octopus Intelligence, a global but boutique competitive intelligence agency with a mission to delve deep into clients’ competitors, unveil market insights, and empower better decision-making for winning more business. Graeme’s expertise encompasses competitive intelligence, market analysis, intelligence monitoring, and powerful OSINT, along with ethical hacking.

Graeme Dixon’s vast experience and strategic prowess have earned him a place among the leading minds in the field of Competitive Intelligence, driving impactful outcomes for organisations worldwide. Beyond his professional achievements, he served as the chairman of the Association of MBAs and holds an Okinawan Karate Black Belt.


  • Strategic Consortium of Intelligence Professionals (SCIP) UK SCIP Chair
  • Strategic Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP)

Igor Taranenko – Non-Executive Director


Meet Igor Taranenko, a seasoned corporate lawyer with over a decade of expertise. His illustrious career includes working with renowned companies like PWC and Magisters, playing pivotal roles in major mergers and acquisitions involving prominent Ukrainian industrial firms, media, telecom, and financial institutions. Notably, Igor excels in safeguarding foreign investors’ interests and preventing hostile takeovers of valuable assets.

Over the past decade, Igor has held managerial positions in international and Ukrainian IT companies, specialising in product development, system integration, and cutting-edge technologies. Under his guidance, these organisations successfully executed complex projects for clients worldwide, both private and governmental.  In 2021, Igor’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to co-found Kernelbay, where he now serves as CEO, harnessing his wealth of knowledge and experience to drive the organisation towards its goals.

With a diploma in Private International Law and International Relations from the esteemed Kyiv Institute of International Relations, Igor’s academic background complements his practical expertise, providing a well-rounded understanding of the legal and international dynamics that shape the business landscape.


  • Ukrainian National Bar Association

Muazu Umaru –  Strategic Advisor “Pro-Bono”


Introducing Muazu, our esteemed “Pro-Bono” Strategic Advisor, who has over 30 years of public sector experience. As a seasoned leader, he has excelled in planning, research, countering transnational organised crime, money laundering, the financing of terrorism, and illicit financial flows. Muazu’s global recognition stems from his international law enforcement experience and security background, proven policy development/analysis and operational skills, ability to conduct comprehensive and objective research, risk assessment and strategic insights. He provides leadership in directing cross-functional teams to combat transnational organised crime and illicit financial flows.


His diverse expertise includes counter-narcotics, anti-money laundering, counter-financing of terrorism, strategic planning, training and capacity development, risk assessment, law enforcement, and more. With an academic background in counselling rooted in Educational Psychology, Muazu has a profound understanding of human behaviour and interpersonal relationship management. Muazu worked as a law enforcement officer for over a decade and has now been working in a multilingual environment for over a fourteen years.  He is proficient in English,  with appreciable French, enabling him to recognise diversity and inclusion as a need, not just a want.  



  • A member of the Global Initiative against Transnational Organised Crime (GITOC) – https://globalinitiative.net/profile/muazu-umaru/
  • A Chevening Fellow (2009) (Bramshill Police College) and a Fellow of the United States International Leadership Program (IVLP) (2003, all on International Organised Crime).