Industrial Safety and Health Risk Management

Our mission is to revolutionise safety in high-risk industries. In today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving industrial landscape, safety is not just a priority; it’s a necessity. We are dedicated to enhancing worker safety by integrating cutting-edge technology. Our approach is set in the belief that prevention and innovation go hand in hand. We are leading the way in creating safer work environments across various sectors.

Boosting Safety in High-Risk Sectors


Goal: Enhance worker safety in high-risk industries using cutting-edge technology.

Method: We use digital twins and IoT wearables to create and test safety scenarios in virtual models of actual work environments, helping us design bespoke safety solutions.

Focus: Construction, Mining and Quarries, Oil and Gas Aviation and Chemicals.

Vision: Prevent workplace injuries by implementing advanced safety measures, ensuring compliance, and reducing health risks.


Key features


Expertise: Lead consultant with 30 years in IT, specialised in emerging technologies.

Partnerships: Working with industry leaders to improve safety.

Technology: Employing AI, IoT, XR, and cloud computing for live safety monitoring.

Tailored solutions: Customised for specific industry challenges.

Prevention-Oriented: Aiming to prevent incidents before they occur.

Support: Full implementation and ongoing assistance.




Risk and Scenario Analysis: Use simulations for proactive risk management.

Safety Equipment Evaluation: Test equipment in various scenarios.

Hazard Management: Identify and reduce risks through simulations.

Emergency Drills: Practice virtual emergency responses.

Training: Virtual training for safe practices.

Monitoring: Constant virtual checks for safety compliance.

Courses: Environmental Health and Safety courses.

We don’t just envision a safer workplace; we create it. With our blend of expertise, technology, and tailored solutions, we are uniquely positioned to meet the diverse safety challenges of high-risk industries. Our commitment to prevention, our partnerships with industry leaders, and our comprehensive range of services means we meet and exceed our clients’ safety expectations. Join us in our journey. Redefine safety standards and foster environments where workers are protected, and risks are minimised.

Download: PEX Industrial Safety _ Risk Management V1