About Us

PEX Intelligence: Building Digital Bridges with Powerful Outcomes

Welcome to PEX, where human experiences take centre stage. We expertly manage challenging human experiences in times of turmoil by leveraging powerful intelligence analysis tools, business resilience strategies, and the DEI-BR model.

With authentic, diverse, and local knowledge, we harness data and digitalisation for impactful transformations that enable organisations to grow, and individuals to flourish.

Welcome to a thriving future with PEX – People Experience Intelligence.

We are a Disability Confident Committed Organisation

At PEX Intelligence, we take immense pride in being a Disability Confident Committed organisation. Our unwavering dedication lies in promoting inclusivity and fostering equal opportunities for all. We firmly believe that diversity is a strength that drives innovation and progress.

With a heartfelt commitment to creating an inclusive environment, we ensure that everyone’s unique abilities are recognised, celebrated, and given the chance to thrive. Together, we build a world where barriers are dismantled, and every individual can reach their full potential.

Co-Creating and Disrupting with Data-Driven Strategies for Holistic Growth

At PEX, our mission is to always embrace authenticity and intentionality as we guide businesses towards holistic growth and unparalleled human experiences. With a diverse team of highly-skilled consultants and advisors, we deliver transformative insights and strategic disruption, ensuring our clients stay one step ahead in the competitive landscape.

Pioneering Organisational Transformation

Our vision is to lead the way as the trusted global authority in human experience consultancy. Leveraging data-driven insights and innovative technologies, we propel organisational transformation, enabling growth and operational excellence. Our strategic alliances empower us to navigate global risks and fortify business resilience, securing a thriving future for our clients.

Delivering Sustainable Solutions for a Brighter Tomorrow

At the core of our purpose lies harnessing human experience intelligence to create sustainable solutions that positively impact individuals, communities, and the world. Through a blend of local knowledge and intelligent technology, we champion sustainable living, empathy, and collective intelligence. Embracing human-centric approaches, we drive efficiency, innovation, and continuous improvement, co-creating a future that benefits all.

At PEX, our core values form the bedrock of our disruptive, global, and vibrant boutique firm. These core values define who we are, guide our actions, and steer us towards building a brighter and more inclusive future. As we continue on this dynamic journey, we remain committed to upholding these principles, ensuring that they resonate with every partnership we build.

Upholding unwavering integrity, we conduct ourselves with honesty, transparency, and ethical principles in all our interactions.

With purposeful intent, we navigate challenges, setting deliberate and thoughtful paths towards transformative solutions.

Embracing empathy, we understand and resonate with the experiences of others, fostering genuine connections and meaningful relationships

Human-Centred Leadership
Our leadership approach revolves around the people we serve, empowering individuals to unleash their potential and thrive.

Respecting the inherent worth and dignity of every individual, we foster an inclusive and empowering environment for all.

We celebrate the strength of our diverse community, collaborating to achieve collective success and make a positive impact on society.

The PEX journey is rooted in a profound belief that human experiences and inclusivity drive meaningful organisational change. By seamlessly integrating human experiences, data, human intelligence, and emerging technologies, we unleash the true potential of businesses.

Leveraging data-driven insights and emerging technologies, we embark on transformative changes where individuals can thrive and businesses can achieve greatness.

Research, innovation, and professional development are our constant companions, ensuring impactful solutions that enable our clients, partners, and our people to adapt, endure and succeed.

Join us in revolutionising the power of human experience intelligence – together we can build a harmonious and prosperous world for current and future generations.

With passion and purpose.

Mike Rees

CEO/Co-Founder, PEX Intelligence