Maximising Human Potential, Thriving in a Complex World.

"If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together" ~ African proverb


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PEX Intelligence: Pioneering in Human Behavior Analytics: Expertise in Business Resilience and Industrial Safety & Health Risk Management, ensuring worker protection in challenging environments using AI, IoT, XR, and web technologies.

Human Behaviour Analytics: We provide human-centered solutions, behaviour analytics, and specialized programs to bolster business resilience against geopolitical, economic, and climate challenges, prioritizing actionable insights for enduring resilience.

DE&I Journey: Announcing our partnership with DEI Leadership Institute LLC: Empowering Change Agents to advance Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the UK, Sub-Saharan Africa, and North Africa.

Sustainability Journey: PEX Intelligence and E.HER Ltd offer streamlined CSR and ESG solutions, focusing on impactful programs and educational hubs in crisis zones, to efficiently enhance companies ESG profiles and social value creation.

Business Resilient Core

The resilience and strength of both the business and its workforce.

In times of turmoil, the fabric of individuals and organisations are tested, unveiling a tapestry of emotions, work safety and challenges. During business crises, we embrace the human element, understanding the varying intensities and complexities faced, crafting solutions that foster resilience and pave the way to success.
The reality of climate change demands action, and the real-world human effects of climate change compel us to act with urgency. As people experience the impacts firsthand, we rally for sustainable practices, adaptation measures, and global cooperation, forging a path towards a resilient and thriving planet.
Inclusive employee experiences, especially for Persons With Disabilities, are essential for organizational success, covering all interactions and perceptions. They foster a positive, growth-oriented environment that unlocks the workforce’s full potential, including expatriates, repatriates, and embedded consultants.
In the public sector, every encounter matters, and the human experience lies at its core. Through collective interactions, perceptions, and satisfaction with government services, policies, and processes, we strive to elevate individuals’ experiences, empowering them with a voice that shapes the future.
In healthcare, every moment counts, and patient experience holds the key to unlocking compassionate care. By prioritising interactions, perceptions, and satisfaction, we create a healing environment that surpasses expectations, meeting patients’ needs with unwavering empathy.
Education shapes future leaders, and student experience is our guide. We assess journeys that inspire, enrich, and prepare students for endless horizons. Additionally, for our clients in West Africa, we offer Kidnap Response support led by our TRiM Practitioner and Critical Incident Debriefing facilitator, fostering a supportive response environment for recovery and healing.

Our Mission And Vision

Co-Creating and Disrupting with Data-Driven Strategies for Holistic Growth
At PEX, our mission is to always embrace authenticity and intentionality as we guide businesses towards holistic growth and unparalleled human experiences and safety. With a diverse team of highly-skilled consultants and advisors, we deliver transformative insights and strategic disruption, ensuring our clients stay one step ahead in the competitive landscape.

Pioneering Organisational Transformation
Our vision is to lead the way as the trusted global authority in human experience consultancy. Leveraging data-driven insights and innovative technologies, we propel organisational transformation, enabling growth and operational excellence. Our strategic alliances empower us to navigate global risks and fortify business resilience, securing a thriving future for our clients.

Delivering Sustainable Solutions for a Brighter Tomorrow
At the core of our purpose lies harnessing human experience intelligence to create sustainable solutions that positively impact individuals, communities, and the world. Through a blend of local knowledge and intelligent technology, we champion sustainable living, empathy, and collective intelligence. Embracing human-centric approaches, we drive efficiency, innovation, and continuous improvement, co-creating a future that benefits all.

A Message from Our CEO:

The PEX journey is rooted in a profound belief that human experiences and inclusivity drive meaningful organisational change. By seamlessly integrating human experiences, data & emerging tech,people intelligence.

Business Resilience through the lens of DEI, we unleash the true potential of businesses.Leveraging data-driven insights and emerging technologies, we embark on transformative changes where individuals can thrive, and businesses can achieve greatness.

Research, innovation, and professional development are our constant companions, ensuring impactful solutions that enable our clients, partners, and our people to adapt, endure and succeed.

Join us in revolutionising the power of human experience intelligence – together we can build a harmonious and prosperous world for current and future generations with passion and purpose.

Mike Rees
CEO/Co-Founder, PEX Intelligence